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Ryan Beckett is a Computer Scientist in the Mobility and Networking research group at Microsoft. He holds a PhD from Princeton in Computer Science as well as a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Virginia.

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Network verification 2.0

The first generation of network verification research, or Network Verification 1.0, has been tremendously successful. It has produced a wide range of methods that enable strong guaran...

In research, network, verification, By Ryan Beckett, Ratul Mahajan, Dec 15, 2020

Capturing the state of research on network verification

Verification and synthesis are old problems in computer science. Verification seeks to answer the question: “can any input to a program result in that program producing an incorrect o...

In overview, research, network, verification, By Ryan Beckett, Ratul Mahajan, Apr 20, 2020

Welcome to netverify.fun

Network verification and synthesis has emerged as an exciting research area at the intersection of networking, programming languages, and formal methods. Work in this area is motivate...

In network, verification, synthesis, welcome, By Ratul Mahajan, Ryan Beckett, Apr 20, 2020