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Todd Millstein is a Professor of Computer Science at UCLA, as well as a Co-founder and Chief Scientist at Intentionet. He has also been an Academic Visitor at Oxford University, a Visiting Researcher at Microsoft Research, and a Visiting Fellow at Princeton University. Todd received a Ph.D. from the University of Washington and an A.B. from Brown University, both in Computer Science.

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Making Networks Safe and Agile with Formal Methods and Programming Abstractions: Future Directions

For years, networks have been seen as hard to manage and hard to evolve. They are hard to manage because even small networks are complex, with multiple devices and protocols interacti...

In formal methods, programming languages, By Nate Foster, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Ratul Mahajan, Todd Millstein, David Walker, Anduo Wang, Pamela Zave, Nov 27, 2023

Toward modular network verification

Almost all of the techniques for network verification to date must analyze the entire network’s state and/or configuration data monolithically. In contrast, methodologies for verific...

In research, network, verification, By Todd Millstein, May 01, 2020