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Hongqiang Harry Liu is a Director of Research in Alibaba Cloud and Alibaba DAMO Acedamy. He holds a PhD from the Department of Computer Science at Yale University and a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from the Department of Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University. Before joining Alibaba, he served as a senior researcher at Microsoft Research Redmond and was responsible for the R&D and implementation of key technologies related to stable, high-performance Azure networks. His research interests cover cloud data center networks, backbone networks, mobile network transmission technologies, 5G networks, and device-side computing. He has served as a reviewer of papers in SIGCOMM and NSDI conferences and has published nearly 20 papers accepted by SIGCOMM, NSDI, and SOSP conferences. In 2014, he won the SIGCOMM Doctoral Dissertation Award - Honorable Mention.

Hongqiang Harry Liu

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The Practice of Network Verification in Alibaba’s Global WAN

Alibaba has a global scale infrastructure to support its various types of online services (e.g. e-commerce, cloud computing, e-payment, etc.), which have more than one billion users i...

In research, industry experience, network verification, By Hongqiang Harry Liu, May 08, 2021